We believe development values below play important role in sustainable development. We integrated keys factors listed here to drive our development planning and design which involved change in behavior, attitude, relationship and policy.

Human Rights

Human rights plays important role in shaping society and community well-being. Human right holds government accountable. We are here to support the respect of human rights. We are all born equal.

Local Governance

We believe improved local governance, improved the life of the people in community. We are committed to enhance local governance which involve UN definition of good governance— transparency, accountability, participation, rule of law, consensus oriented, equality, inclusiveness, responsiveness, effectiveness and efficiency.


Education gives us knowledge, idea of the world around us. Education helps us change the world around us into something better for life and prosperity. We fight for inclusive education in our target area.


Environment is our lives. We need to keep our environment friendly. Climate change is ruining our friendly environment and our lives bear the consequences. Fight the climate change; adapt ourselves to the changing environment; reduce disaster risk; love our forests.


Good health and good sense are two of life's greatest blessings. Our dream is people free from preventable diseases. People have equal access to public health services with good quality.

Agriculture and Business development

We believe business drives sustainable development. Agriculture support business development which bring people’s life and well-being.