Approach 1: Community-Led Development

Shifting from PNKS-Led Development to Community-Led Development. In order to achieve community-led development, PNKS changed the ways it worked by ensuring community own their issues. They own their ideas of development, decision and plan. They own their resources. And finally, they own the results. To do this PNKS involve community as part of PNKS internal. We invite community people in our project staff meeting, annual general meeting and annual project reflection and planning.  

Approach 2: Community Initiatives
  This approach allows community to practice their planning design ownership and implementation. Community can initiate idea and plan of action to address issues in their community using their available local resources. Community can request PNKS contribution where there are shortfall
Approach 3: Outcome Focuss

PNKS is an Outcome oriented organization. We work to achieve change in behavior, attitude, relationship and policy of individual and or groups.

Approach 4: People Focus

People is our center of development. In PNKS target area, people see opportunities for improved their living conditions, freedom, environment, and hope are accessible. Their future is in their own hands. We connect and empower individuals, groups and whole villages to define and find ways to realize their aspirations