People with a deep sense of hope and freedom because they see opportunities in their lives to express themselves and their own aspirations. Communities would be characterized by respectful and loving relationships, sharing of resources and ideas and peace on individual and group levels. People would feel well off if they have enough money but also opportunities, inclusive relationships a strong sense of community and a healthy, sustainable environment around them.


PNKS mission is bringing hope and freedom to people in our target areas. We see hope as arising from people having the possibility of changing their circumstances and having some control over this change. From experience over our history this can best come about through strong, well-functioning civil society organizations with community oriented values working in a context where they can effectively initiate actions and express their values.

PNKS mission is to support and strengthen VDAs in communities so that they can open opportunities for individuals, groups and communities to define what they would like to change and help them access resources to effect those changes. Practically this means PNKS will support VDAs with resources and capacity in various areas of community development as well as working with them on their own organization and governance and vision and values.

As well as supporting VDAs PNKS sees its mission as contributing to the context in which VDAs operate, making it more conducive to change. Therefore PNKS will also work to connect VDAs in different villages and support collective action by them. PNKS will also work on the way VL, CDA, CC and SSCs think, how they behave, the kinds of policy they make and their relationships with VDAs and each other. Our mission is to have all these actors working, from where they are, with a common vision of community led development based in justice, equality and sustainability.


PNKS goal for 2017-19 includes individual, group and systemic change. Central is people in our target areas seeing opportunities for improved living conditions, freedom, environment, and hope, are accessible and the future is in their own hands. These BP will connect and empower individuals, groups and whole villages to define and find ways to realize their aspirations. VDAs can best do this if they have strong relationships with their VDC, CC and SSCs and the behavior attitudes relationships and policies of these organizations is aligned towards grass roots participatory village development. The systemic dimension of PNKS¡¦ goal therefore is strong relationships and common direction amongst VDA, CDA, VDC, SSC and CC.