We believe true love is not merely a feeling or a concept. We believe love should be put into action. The story of the Good Samaritan has touched our hearts and encouraged us to put love into action.



We believe God created all men equal. No matter how rich or poor, young or old, no matter what our educational background, our social class - we are all equal. We value and respect people we work with and all the people around us. 



We believe God answers our prayers and He leads us in our decision-making. We believe that God is with us in our day to day life. 



We are obligated to accept our responsibilities. We are accountable for our actions, our decisions and for the money we spend, not just to our supporters but also to those we serve. 



We are accustomed to being in positions of responsibility; we are self-motivated, and willing to set goals and work to achieve them, never assuming the other person is responsible.



We believe "honesty" is a key to strength. Honesty includes "being transparent". We want to let people, including staff, donors, boundary partners, stakeholders and beneficiaries, know what they are supposed to know, promoting the sharing of information and practices, whether good or bad, to improve learning and understanding. PNKS Somleng Program Proposal 2017 – 2019 



We believe "cooperation" is a key to success. We get people involved. We value people's involvement in planning and problem-solving.